December 1, 2021

Drive Your Way

This year this epic motorcycling racing event will be held from the25th of October to the 28th of October, at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit in Melbourne. The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix forms part of the international Grand Prix motorcycle racing season, and is must see in the racing calendar.

The race track at Phillip Island has seen racing action since the 1920’s and has been said to be the spiritual home of motorbike racing in Australia. Its permanent race track was built in 1951, setting it against the stunning views of the ocean, so in-between races you have stunning views to enjoy.

Come October, this track will attract the top motorcycle racers from across the globe, and the fight for the number one spot will be on! But while we wait impatiently for the Australian Motor Grand Prix to begin in October, keep yourself occupied with some of the online pokies NZ has to offer.

What are Grand Prix Motorcycles?

These motorbikes are specifically built for racing and are not available to your average Joe off the street, and most would not be roadworthy. The MotoGP is split into three classes, which are MotoGP, MOto2 and Moto3, and all three classes use a four stroke engine on the bikes.

The first racing grand Prix was organised in 1949 by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme, so the sport has endured for quite a few years

Specifications by class


In 2002, a 500cc two stroke or a 990cc four stroke bike was required to participate in the race. But the large advantage the four stroke bike had over the 2 stroke meant the following season there were no two stroke bikes at all in the race. From 2007 the engine capacity was reduced from the 990cc to only 800cc maximum but with no change to the weight restriction.

The top speed recorded in the history of the MotoGP, was by Michele Pirro at the 2017 Italian Grand Prix, he reached a thrilling top speed of 354.7 km/h.


This class is specifically for the 600cc four stroke class, and was launched in 2010 as a replacement for the 250cc two stroke bikes.

Moto2 has all its motorbikes engines supplied by Honda, and all tyres by Dunlop. It also only allows steel brake discs and has no chassis limitations.

A change to the engine supplier will take effect from 2019, when Triumph will take over from Honda.


This class is for the 250cc four stroke engine motorbikes, with a minimum total weight for the bike and rider of 148kg. This class of racing only allows riders younger than 28 but has no restriction on Engines.

The Motor Grand Prix circuit starts in March 2018, with the Qatar Grand Prix, with the following countries Grand Prix happening at a staggered two weekly interval after that. So there is still some research to do before placing your bets on the possible outcome of the Australian Motor Grand prix.

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