July 15, 2024

Drive Your Way

Although many people might dismiss tyres as unimportant when compared to other parts of the car, choosing the right tyres for a vehicle is exceptionally important, especially if it’s a vehicle that’s driven often. The tyres are in constant contact with the ground, and they need to be both durable and resilient to the many obstacles of the road, as well as general wear and tear.

It can be difficult to choose the right kind of tyre, but it’s something that every car owner will need to take the time out to do. Not only does it mean better handling of the car in emergency situations, but it can end up costing less than simply buying cheap, generic tyres.

The Type of Tyre

There are many various kinds of tyres on the market, and each has a different, practical use. Off-roading tyres are essential for those that tend to go off the beaten track often, while snow tyres are needed for colder winter conditions. These are some of the more common tyres sold at the shop:

  • All-Season: These are the kind of tyres to choose for overall coverage, regardless of the season. They tend to come in either T or S-speed ratings, and it’s up to the buyer to choose one that will suit their needs. These tyres are good for both normal cars and SUVs, and boast long-term durability granted the brand is known for quality.
  • Performance: Those vehicles that are used for their performance, such as sports cars, will benefits great from performance tyres, especially ones that are graded for all seasons. They are much better in terms of overall grip and are able to take corners much more easily. It should be noted that performance tyres tend to be more expensive than the regular all-season option, but it’s often worth it for the extra vehicle control.
  • All-Terrain: These kinds of tyres are best for trucks and off-road SUVs that need to be able to grip as well as they possibly can. They tend to have a much better tread in general, allowing the vehicle to remain planted firmly on the ground even in the harshest of terrain. It’s always worth double checking that a potential set of tyres has the right “A/T” marking somewhere on the rubber, which denotes them as real all-terrain tyres.
  • Snow Tyres: These can usually be identified by a snowflake symbol imprinted somewhere on the tyre. They tend to be wider than other tyres and have more slits, allowing for better grip in cold conditions. These are somewhat mandatory for the driver that lives in an area that gets harsh winters.

Always Pick Quality

There are countless brand rip-offs on the market at a cheaper price, but these don’t offer nearly the same level of durability. It’s a much better idea to always opt for well-known brands that specialise in creating tough tyres that can be used in just about any situation imaginable, even if it means having to cash in online casino Kenya winnings.

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