May 18, 2024

Drive Your Way

You are ready to enter the world of 4×4’s. A stock standard 4 x 4 just isn’t going to cut it on open terrain. Here’s what you need to get for your new 4 x 4.

The Bull Bar / Nudge Bar

Not only does this handy add on stop other motorists from cutting you off in the traffic, but it protects everything under the hood of your new four by.

In the case of a collision whether its with a large animal, a tree, or another vehicle the nudge bar transfers all the energy from the collision to whatever it is that jumped in front of you.

Protecting your radiator and engine, it has the bonus of bouncing whatever you hit away from your vehicle, hopefully saving you from a glass shower.


Installing a snorkel raises the air intake to roof height. The reason for this is to prevent water from being sucked into the engine.

The air at the raised height is also cooler and cleaner. Less dust means a longer life span on your filters and let’s not forget the ram air effect.

Long Range Fuel Tank

If you can ignore the cost that comes with filling the tank it’s worth the aftermarket installation.

For any travelling over long distances into rural and unfamiliar areas, if you manage it properly i.e. as a safety net, not an excuse to skip the fuel station, a long-range tank can save you from a bundle of unpleasantness.

A Winch

All good off roaders know a winch is an essential item especially when travelling alone.

Whether you are using it to pull a tree out the road, yourself out of the mud or a fellow traveller up a hill. The winch is a critical piece of equipment.

The Pressure Gauge

One of the first lessons you learn as a 4 x4 newbie is about tyre pressure, surface area and terrain. Rock hard tyres on soft sand just aren’t going to cut it, and soft tyres on uneven rock is a recipe for damaged rims.

However, we can’t go guessing what the tyre pressure is, and although it looks cool we all know the guy testing the tyres firmness with his foot is the one we will be pulling out later.


Bad visibility when on a trail can end in getting lost or severe injury. Spots high mounted at roof height and to your bull bar help keep things illuminated when your headlamps are covered with mud.

Some even come with their own wipers to keep them clear. A must for negotiating difficult or unfamiliar terrain in the dark.

The Multitool

Never leave home without a multitool. If you don’t already own one, that right there is a reason to question whether you can handle a 4×4. There are two scenarios here. Either you’ve had a successful day, arrived safely at your destination and are about to open that bottle of red, only to find you forgot the opener.

Or, you didn’t fit the winch, bull bar, or spots, and are stuck in the mud, have punctured the radiator or driven into a ditch.

While waiting to be rescued and enjoying a bit of online betting you decide to open the bottle of red, only to find you forgot the opener. Okay, handy for a variety of things – don’t leave this one behind.

These are just the basic must haves to get you started. Did we mention a compressor? What gets deflated must be pumped up.

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