May 18, 2024

Drive Your Way

While Canada is known for its natural beauty and friendly locals, it is not thought of as a country that manufactures its own car brands. But Canada is currently the 9th largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world, producing over 2.4 million vehicles a year.

Well you would be wrong in thinking there are no Canadian car brands, or that they are not popular and high performing cars. With some of these car manufacturers like Car company Prevost being established in 1924, and still active.

And although brands like McLaughlin Automobile are now no longer in business, they have roots going back to the late 19th century as business, and the early 20th century as automobile manufacturers. (Technically McLaughlin Automobile is still an active car manufacturer as they merged with Chevrolet Motor Company of Canada, so it still lives on – over 100 years later.)

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Canadian Car Brands

Bombardier (BRP)

Bombardier Inc was founded in 1942 in Quebec, the spilt of the Bombardier Recreational Products from Bombardier Inc. led to BRP which specialises in snowmobiles, all terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and motorbikes.

This company is known for its innovation and unique car tech, and wins awards for its constant reinvention of the “wheel” (the vehivle that is – a wheel is a wheel in gernal).


Intermeccanica was founded in 1959, originally in Italy but moved to Canada in the early 1980s and now is firmly considered a top vehicle manufacturer and Canadian home brand.

The company is still in the hands of the family that founded it in Italy (Frank Reisners son Henry Reisner). Intermeccanica specialises in V8 engines with a large amount of power, but has recently expanded to include speedsters and roadsters in production.


HTT was founded in 2007, so is just over 10 years old and is proud to be the maker and manufacturer of the first Canadian sports car ever made, the HTT Plethore.

Though there have been no recent designs released from HTT, there are currently rumours about redesigning the Plethore and possible new release dates.

Campagna Corporation

Campagna Corporation was founded in 1990 by former Formula one Ford team race Daniel Campagna, and is mostly known for its introduction of the T-Rex prototype vehicles (two wheels in the front and on wheel at the rear).

This is another Canadian vehicle manufacturer that has been quiet for a few years, but they still produce their T-Rex vehicles and we can expect more from them in the future.


Precost was founded in 1924 by Eugene Prevost, who had been a cabinet maker prior to venturing into car manufacturing, and is a subsidiary of Volvo.

Prevost is mainly known for manufacturing commercial vehicles like coaches and heavy buses, and their buses are used by the New York Transit system.

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