April 15, 2024

Drive Your Way

Yes, we all know safety is the top priority, but just because a helmet has a high safety rating does not mean it is the right fit for your melon.

A small annoyance like a scratchy chinstrap will become a major irritation on a breakfast run or outdoor adventure.  Make sure you get the fit right.

Here are the things to look out for:

Shape, Fit, and Size

Our heads are all different and although a large forehead doesn’t mean a large brain, it will make a difference 20 minutes into your ride if you chose the wrong helmet. Keep in mind that size is also manufacturer specific, so where you are a medium in the one you may be a medium large in another. When fitting your helmets always try a size up or down from that specific manufacturer.

  1. Does the helmet put pressure on any part of your head? Yes, your helmet must be snug, but pressure on say, the top of your head, will result in the type of headache that turns even the shortest run into an endurance event. It should fit snuggly but in a ‘wrapping your head in soft marshmallow’s’ kind of way. That includes around your cheeks, temples and along your jawline. Keep in mind that the inner padding will lose a tiny bit of cushioning due to compression. No matter what any manufacturer says, this will happen.
  2. Does the helmet move or shift when you shake your head from side to side? Your helmet should stay put when you move around. Tightening the chinstrap won’t help with this one as all that does is pull the helmet downward. Your brain is still going to rattle if you hit the floor.
  3. A tighter chinstrap does not a good fit make. If you’ve fallen for a hard-shelled beauty but it is just, just too big, walk away. It wasn’t meant to be.

Extra Things to Consider

  1. Is the inner padding removable? This is not so that someone with a larger head can borrow your helmet. It’s so you can give the stuff a wash. Trust us, after a faraway adventure in the sun you want to have this option.
  2. Make sure you can see clearly. There should be nothing blocking your view or distracting you by catching the corner of your eye. Get a built-in sun visor and spend the extra bit for the anti-fog treatment. Hurtling down the freeway or negotiating a river crossing is not the time to mist up.

The Non-Negotiables

  1. Only purchase a certified helmet. This guarantees that your helmet meets minimum safety requirements and as a minimum, you want the minimum safety standards.
  2. Purchase the most expensive helmet you can afford, even if it means spending your jackpot win form playing the online slots Canada has to offer. Everyone likes a deal but take a few moments to consider how big a discount your skull is worth.

We won’t discount the importance of looks; after all, what’s the point if you don’t want to be seen with the thing on your head. It can be tough to walk away because of a slightly off fit. Our suggestion? Find one that fits like it should, ask for the plainest design and find a talented artist to spray on your personal logo.

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