April 15, 2024

Drive Your Way

While we like to think that 4 wheeled vehicles can attain high speeds in a short amount of time, motorcycles have always been superior when it comes to going fast as quickly as possible. We’ve spent countless decades improving 2 wheelers to the point where many of them are almost as fast as small airplanes. These are 5 of the fastest motorbikes of all time.

1. MV Augusta F4 1000 R:

The MV Augusta F4 was designed and distributed in Italy by Augusta, and is powered by a DOHC liquid cooled engine that has 16 valves and 4 cylinders. The highest speed that the Augusta was able to achieve during its time on the track was 299 km/h, about as fast as even the modified Black Mercedes cars. With a total of 174 horsepower, the F4 remains as one of the world’s fastest bikes.

2. Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird

Bearing the same name as the fastest stealth jet of all time, this Honda manufactured 2 wheeler makes use of a liquid cooled, four cylinder, 1137cc motor that’s capable of pushing the otherwise small bike to an incredible 310 km/h when at top speed. While it doesn’t produce as much horsepower as the Augusta F4, it’s lower weight and superior 6 speed transmission system is enough to give it a few extra kilometers per hour.

3. MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K

Moving into the truly heavyweight class, the MTT Turbine Superbike is among the world’s highest performance 2 wheeled vehicles, something it’s able to boast thanks to its Rolls Royce 250-C29 turboshaft motor. This spectacular engine gives the Y2k the power it needs to reach a top speed of 365km/h, pushed forward by a total of 320 horsepower. This is almost exclusively a drag racing bike, meaning that it has an otherwise extremely simple 2 speed automatic transmission, allowing the rider to fully concentrate on staying in a straight line at high speeds, and provides a thrilling experience similar to getting great NRL premiership odds.

4. Suzuki Hayabusa

Millions of young teenage boys had the Hayabusa as a poster on their bedroom walls, and it’s not hard to see why. Along with its sleek design, this Japanese bike DOHC, 16v, 4 stroke, 1340cc engine meant that it was able to reach a top speed of 392 km/h. This extremely high speed was attainable despite a low 197 horsepower – but thanks to lightweight materials and an excellent 6 speed constant mesh transmission, the top speed of the Hayabusa was never far away.

5. Dodge Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is a unique bike for two main reasons: its aesthetics and its blistering top speed. Built as a concept bike that was never released for full production, the Tomahawk was capable of top speeds of 560km/h thanks to the 500 horsepower that was produced by the amazing 10 cylinder, v-type engine housed within the bike’s large body. The Tomahawk still holds the record for the fastest street-legal bike in the world.

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