April 15, 2024

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The World’s 5 Most Expensive Motorcycles

We’re used to seeing expensive cars like Bugatti and Mercedes MG, vehicles that cost millions of dollars to buy, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to properly maintain. But expensive vehicles are not only found in the car world, and there are a handful of 2 wheelers that can just about match the price tag […]

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The Difference Between Touring And Cruiser Motorcycles

When it comes to cool motorcycles and the idea of hitting the highway in style, many people get the concepts of cruisers and touring bikes confused. The terms are not actually interchangeable as many seem to think. Yes, the two have a similar history and are certainly linked. However, they are designed for different things.

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The Top 5 Fastest Bikes Of All Time

While we like to think that 4 wheeled vehicles can attain high speeds in a short amount of time, motorcycles have always been superior when it comes to going fast as quickly as possible. We’ve spent countless decades improving 2 wheelers to the point where many of them are almost as fast as small airplanes. […]

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